3 Things You Need to Know...Via Patrick from NewsRadio WHAM 1180

ISIS releases video of journalist's beheading. Get more info

Groups submit their final bid for the Buffalo Bills. Read more here

Attendance challenge at Rochester City School District. Get more info

Flight Diverted due to Misbehavior

Florida-bound flight diverted due to reclining seat dispute. Read more here

Family Dinners Help Prevent Bullying

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Studies show family dinners lessen the effect of bullying. Read the story here

Genes to Blame for Mosquito Bites

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One reason people get bit so much is because of their genes. Read more here

Drive Dirt

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Justin Bieber gets arrested in Ontario, Canada for ATV accident. Read it here.

E! 'Fashion Police' taping cancelled as Joan Rivers still in hospital. Get more info

Kim Kardashian wants another baby. Get more info

No one wants the wedding pictures of Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross. Read it here

Sam Smith admits the subject of his unrequited love was not gay. Read more here

Ricky Gervais in "hot water" for nude pictures joke. Read more here