Boy Lives in Wal-Mart

Source: WHAM 1180

A boy was hiding out in Wal-Mart for FOUR DAYS before anyone discovered him.  Where are his parents??  Read more here.

PS Kudos to this kid for picking the PERFECT store to live in.


County Fair Ride Injury


Source: WGRZ video

Julie's county fair (which she was just at over the weekend!) had an accident on one of their rides - a 12 year old girl fell off the swings at the Erie County Fair.  Read more here.


Drive Dunce of the Day

Source: Graphic Stock 

Today's Drive Dunce might also be brilliant...but a little tacky.  Apparently she had some people upset about not receiving an invitation to her upcoming wedding, so she listed the reasons why some friends might NOT be getting an invite.  Read more here.


3 Things You Need to Know...via Patrick from NewsRadio WHAM 1180

New York State is set to release the results of the second round of student testing under the Common Core standards today.  Get more info.

Kevin Ward Jr., who was killed when NASCAR Champion Tony Stweart hit him at a Canandaigua racetrack, will be laid to rest today.  Read more here.

Authorities in Northern New York have issued an Amber Alert for two Amish girls abducted from a roadside stand.  Get more info.


Relationship Rescue

Malcolm did something at a bachelor party (not even at a strip club!) that really made his wife made...she thinks he cheated!  Hear about it:


ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Bill was nominated by Damien Mulconry from Mulconry's Irish Pub in Fairport to do the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS. Watch him do it:


Bill's Bar Trivia

Today's question is:

And the answer is: A motorcycle


Julie's Drive Dirt

Source: Getty Images

George Clooney's fiancé, Amal Alamuddin, might be knocked up.  Get more info.

Gwyneth Paltrow is really moving on from Chris Martin, with one of the co-creators of GleeRead more here.

Zelda Williams has been forced to delete her Twitter after some sick people kept sending her photoshopped pictures of her deceased father.  Get more info.

Could Carrie Underwood be headlining the Super Bowl Halftime Show in 2015?  Read more here.

A Lifetime biopic about Brittany Murphy is premiering in September.  Get more info.

Angelina Jolie has forbidden Brad Pitt from doing any steamy love scenes with other women.   Read more here.