Alien Sharks

It's Shark Week on Discovery, and Julie was watching a show last night called Alien Sharks, which was terrifying.  Check it out for yourself:


Drive Dunce of the Day

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Today's dunce is an unnamed hair stylist at a salon in Florida, who gave a woman a haircut so bad, the woman is suing for $1,000.  Read more here.


3 Things You Need to Know...via Patrick from NewsRadio WHAM 1180

Governor Andrew Cuomo is in Israel as part of a New York "Unity Trip."  Get more info.

Colgate Total toothpaste has an ingredient that can cause cancer.  Read more here.

Jim Kelly is turning down an opportunity to be on Dancing With the StarsGet more info.


Wedding Wednesday

Julie is not only getting married next year, but she's a bridesmaid in her brother's wedding next Summer as well.  She went bridesmaid dress shopping with her brother's fiancé over the weekend...and was wondering how many is TOO many cooks in the kitchen?


Shower Before Swimming?

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At most public pools, there is a sign asking you to shower before entering the pool.  There's a good's why.


Co-ed Sleepovers

How young is too young for a co-ed sleepover?  Listener Kathy has an age in mind for her niece that most people aren't agreeing with. 


Bad Boyfriend Poker

Who do you think had it worse?  Tracy or Katie?  Winner get a Rochester For Less gift certificate for Pane Vino!


Back to School Swap

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Here are some tips on how to save money when shopping for the kids to go back to school.  One of those ideas would a Back to School Swap, and we want to host one!  You want in?  Email Julie at


Bill's Bar Trivia

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Today's question is:

And the answer is: Your back 


Julie's Drive Dirt

Fox News Channel anchor Shepard Smith has apologized for calling Robin Williams a coward hours after his death.  The death has officially been ruled a suicide, and there are some very gruesome details out.  Get more info.

Emma Stone could be headed to Broadway to star in CabaretRead more here.

New Girl is headed to cable!  Get more info.

Justin Bieber has accepted a plea deal in his DUI case.  Read more here.

Justin Timberlake has accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  Get more info.