Drive Dunce of the Day

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Today's dunce is actually a cop. He tested positive for cocaine during a random drug test so he blamed it on an erection-enhancing cream. He got his job back! Read more here.


Out of Control Drivers

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A teen damaged a Pittsford home after losing control of his vehicle. He admitted to excessive speed of about 95 mph. Read more here.


3 Things You Need to Know...via Patrick from NewsRadio WHAM 1180

A Rochester City School District teach was arrested in New York City on gun charges . . . during a field trip! Get more info.

The Puerto Rican Festival kicks off in downtown today at noon.

Park Ave. Fest is this weekend as well.


Unwritten Elevator Rule?

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Some people question if it's okay to talk to other people on the elevator.

Drive Dirt

Shaquille O’Neal is being sued by a man after the former basketball star mocked the man on Instagram. Read more here.


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Eye witnesses say Leonardo DiCaprio was in the restaurant at the same time as Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber. They say he was cheering Bloom on as he swung a punch. Read more here.

Kelly Osbourne is being sued by an ex-landlord for property damage. The landlord claims there was dog feces throughout the apartment. Read more here.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt write love letters to each other while working long distance. Read more here.


Parents Have Secrets too

Two Gold Wedding Rings Isolated On White.

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 Listener, Steve found out his parents were swingers when he was 17.  His parents went on a swingers vacation and sometimes the neighbors would spend a little too much time at the house.

Man Ticketed at Racino
A man was recently ticketed after he was swearing and repeatedly told to stop. Read more here.
Bill's Bar Trivia
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The Answer: Flirting in the office
Park Ave Fest Scavenger Hunt
Reptiles on shoulders
Fanny packs
Guys with tank tops and untrimmed arm hair
Black socks with sandals
Warner Bros. tattoos i.e. Tasmanian Devil
Colored mohawks
Curly mustaches
Hula hoopers
100.5 The Drive Tent!
People dancing with no rhythm