Drive Dunce of the Day

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Today's dunce tried to rob a bank.  Well, she succeeded in robbing the bank, but failed at the getaway.  She's out of shape, and couldn't run fast enough.  Read more here.


Family Business

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Three people posing as a family robbed a pawn shop in Brighton yesterday, stealing a $17,000 watch.  Get the story here.


3 Things You Need to Know...via Patrick from NewsRadio WHAM 1180

Bon Jovi's bid for the Buffalo Bills will not match Terry Pegula's.  Get more info.

Teachers and some parents are speaking out against a lawsuit that challenges the state's teacher tenure system.  Read more here.

Teddy Coffey was eliminated on So You Think You Can DanceGet more info.


Scared Straight from Cheating

Listener Liz's friend is considering cheating on her husband.  She no longer feels loved, and he doesn't pay attention to her...she's only staying for the kids.   


Drunk Shopping

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Ever bought something online while you were drunk?  Maybe something you regretted later?


Bill's Bar Trivia:

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Here's today's question:

The answer: Your parents.


Julie's Drive Dirt

Maroon 5 has released their latest single, called It Was Always YouTake a listen:

Drew Barrymore's half-sister was found dead in San Diego on Tuesday morning.  Read more here.

Webster Native Teddy Coffey was eliminated on So You Think You Can Dance last night.  Get more info.

Filming has been delayed for The Big Bang Theory, as contract negotiations are still going on for the biggest stars.  Read more here.

Katy Perry doesn't need no man...and might be having a baby on her own.  Get more info.

Justin Bieber is still taunting Orlando Bloom, posting a picture on Instagram yesterday basically implying that Bloom is a crybaby.  Read more here.

Beyoncé is really trying to convince people that she's not having problems in her marriage to Jay-Z.  Get more info.