Maroon 5 Video Debut - Maps

This is awfully violent and depressing for a nice little song like Maps, but watch Adam Levine being a douche and basically getting his girlfriend killed:


Drive Dunce of the Day

Robin Thicke has gotten a lot of attention lately, for cheating on his wife and trying to get her back with an album dedicated to her.  He is today's Dunce because he recently did a Twitter Q&A with fans called #AskThicke, and that was a dumb thing to do.  Did he really think it would go well?  See some of the things "fans" said here.


3 Things You Need to Know...via Patrick from WHAM 1180

The U.S. might have lost to Belgium yesterday in the World Cup, BUT Greece's own Brian Gionta is coming home - he signed a 3 year deal with the Buffalo Sabres yesterday.  Get more info.

If you have T-Mobile, they might owe you money.  Read more here.

Two busloads of undocumented immigrants that were turned back by protesters at a U.S. Border Patrol station near San Diego.  Get more info.


Working on Independence Day

Just because it's a national holiday, doesn't mean everyone gets the day off.  There are lots of jobs that never take a day off.  Do YOU have to work on the 4th of July?


Rick Jeanneret has Throat Cancer

Longtime Buffalo Sabres announcer Rick Jeanneret will undergo radiation therapy for throat cancer. (Derek Gee/Buffalo News file photo)

Source: Derek Gee/Buffalo News file photo; Buffalo News

Sad news for Sabres fans today - the legendary play-by-play voice was diagnosed with throat cancer a few weeks ago.  Learn more here.


Man's Stupid Move

Listener Tom got himself into some VERY hot water with his wife yesterday...hear what happened:


Doritos Loaded

DC was a test market, but as of this morning, we've got Doritos Loaded here in Rochester!!  Stop by a 7 Eleven to pick some up...they were delish!!


Julie's Drive Dirt

Portia de Rossi reportedly went to rehab back in May for an eating disorder.  Get more info.

Katy Perry wants her marriage to Russell Brand annulled.  Read more here.

More speculation that Jay-Z cheated on Beyoncé, and this one comes straight from her mouth.  Get more info.  Listen around 3:23 to hear her change the lyrics of a song from "running with you for 6 years" to "12 years" - the amount of time her and Jay have been together: