Drive Dunce of the Day

Source: 13 WHAM

William Liga, of Buffalo, was arrested after being pulled over because his passenger wasn't wearing a seat belt.  He had 55 suspensions on his license.  At least you're having a better day than Willy.  Read more here.


3 Things You Need to Know...via Patrick from WHAM 1180

Hobby Lobby, and other businesses like them, had a big victory in Supreme Court yesterday.  Get more info.

The US Soccer team takes on Belgium today at 4pm.  Read more here.

Couple of local notes: The U of R will step in and save East High in the city - get more info.  And there's a man hunt for 3 people allegedly involved in a shooting down in Lima - read more here.


Talking Smack to Belgium

We called Belgium this morning to talk some smack before today's World Cup match.  Listen to how it went:

We also called a local Denny's to see if they would change the name of Belgian Waffles, just for the day, to American Waffles.  Hear how it went: 



How Many Drinks to Your BAC?

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With the 4th of July weekend coming up, we wanted people to be aware of how many drinks it would take them to get to .08% BAC, so they can be careful not to drink and drive.  Find out how many drinks it would take YOU here.


Summer = Gross?

Listener Liz is glad Winter is over, but still thinks Summer is REALLY gross.  Hear why:


Therapist Matchmaker

Would you let your therapist set you up with another patient?  Brianna thinks it's a good idea for her friend:


Best Friend Game

Source: iHeartRadio Network

Kate and her best friend Caleb won tickets to see Paramore and Fall Out Boy at Darien Lake tomorrow night.  Wanna go to the show?  Be listening tomorrow for another chance to win last-minute tickets!


Julie's Drive Dirt

A whole bunch of movies were added to Netflix Instant Watch today.  Get more info.

Amanda Bynes is free!  Her bong-tossing case has been dismissed, after she followed all of the judge's orders.  Get more info.

Shia LaBeouf, on the other hand, might have entered rehab.  Read more here.

Forbes has released their Celebrity 100 List for 2014 - and Beyoncé is at the top.  Read more here.