Threats to Your Kids

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Sometimes, parents make kinda crazy threats to their kids that are difficult to follow through with if behavior doesn't improve.  Throwing out all their toys if they don't clean up their room, cancelling a birthday party if they don't start acting better.


3 Things You Need to Know...via Patrick from WHAM 1180

Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Marcell Dareus is having some personal problems, and he's in trouble with the law...again.  Read more here.

The latest issue of Politically IN-Correctness comes from Jonah Hill, who lost it on the paparazzi by using a gay slur.  Get more info.

Some moron hit and run a Rochester firefighter on Monday on Linden Street.  Read more here.


Saving Money

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Money is tight, so what are you doing to save?  We want to reward you for your hard work with $50 to Pane Vino...let us know:


Morning Drive Court

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Ever do something dumb and aren't really sure if you're to blame?  Listen to this, and let us know what your jury verdict would be - check back for audio.


Julie's Drive Dirt

Kim Kardashian is loving being Mrs. Kanye West.  Read more here.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z might be having problems with their marriage.  Get more info.

Dina Lohan, Lindsay's mom, got a verbal smackdown at her DUI sentencing.  Read more here.

One of the men who attacked V. Stiviano in NYC over the weekend has been arrested.  Get more info.

Jonah Hill used, and then apologized for, a homophobic slur the other day.  Read more here.

Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg might be getting married at Applebees.  Get more info.