Garage Junk

Bill's got a 2.5 car garage, but can't even fit one car in it.  On average, we store $2,800 worth of stuff in our garages.  What do YOU have in your garage?


3 Things You Need to Know...via Patrick from WHAM 1180

The FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force arrested a guy outside the Hudson Ave Walmart on Saturday.  Get more info.

Clayton Whittimore, the man who brutally killed SUNY Brockport Freshman Alexandra Kogut a couple years ago in her dorm room, was found guilty of second degree murder.  Read more here.

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductions were last night.  Get more info.  And check out Nirvana's performance with Lorde:


Andrew's Surprise Party

Julie threw a surprise party for her fiancé's 30th birthday on Friday.  He was genuinely surprised.  See the moment he got surprised:


Bill's Weekend

See pictures of Bill's weekend:

One of the things he did was go see Tim McGraw with his any concert etiquette rules people should follow at shows?


Drunk at a Concert

Speaking of concert etiquette, one of the BIG complaints people have about concert-goers is drunkenness.  People who drink TOO much, and ruin it for everyone else.  You'll never BELIEVE what happened to Julie at a concert once...the cops were involved.  Listen to the story:


Weekend Follow-Up

We talked to Joseph on Friday about how he was planning to re-propose to his ex-wife.  He called today to let us know how it went.  Hear what happened:


Rochester Knighthawks Are the Champs!

Scott Brooks, who you hear on the Drive, is also the In-Game Host of the Rochester Knighthawks games.  They won the NLL Championship Cup game over the weekend!  Read more here.


Fast and Furriest

Chris and Jennifer from Verona Street Animal Society dropped by the Morning Drive today, to chat about the Fast & the Furriest Dog Walk & Race.  It's this weekend, and the Mayor Pete Kennedy will be there.  Sign up and learn more here.


National Leave The Office Early Day

Image source: Getty Images

It's a perfect day to get out of work early!  Enjoy a little time off this afternoon on National Leave the Office Early Day.


Julie's Drive Dirt

Oprah has officially evicted her ex-stepmother from her father's house.  Read more here.

Busy Phillips has come to the defense of mothers everywhere, saying Gwyneth Paltrow is crazy and her life as a mother is pretty easy.  Get more info.

Ray J was arrested over the weekend for sexual battery and a bunch of other stuff.  Read more here.

Now that he's getting married, George Clooney could be giving up movies and getting into politics.  Get more info.

V. Stiviano was attacked and beat up in NYC last night.  Read more here.

Ann B. David died over the weekend.  You probably know her as Alice from the Brady Bunch.  Get more info.