First Moon Party

This is actually an ad, but a pretty funny example of creative parenting:


3 Things You Need to Know...via Patrick from WHAM 1180

There's a whole lot of controversy over the Washington Redskins' name.  Get more info.

A Rochester woman and two one year old children were kicked off an RTS bus during Tuesday night's violent storm.  Read more here.

If you're looking forward to grilling this weekend you may notice steak prices are higher than normal.  Get more info.


West Irondequoit Budget

Image source: WHAM 1180

The West Irondequoit school budget has been rejected again


A Great Big World in Studio D

A Great Big World stopped by yesterday for a special acoustic Studio D performance.  See more pics, and check out videos of their performance here.


Drinks with TV

 Image source: Graphic Stock

Ever have a show that you can't watch without a certain drink?  The ladies on Scandal drink a lot of wine, and it's made Bill want to drink more wine.  Julie can't watch Sex & the City without a cosmopolitan in hand. 


Relationship Rescue

Listener Shannon called this morning with a dilemma about her daughter's boyfriend.  Listen to what Shannon saw happen, and what listeners think she should do:


The Half Man Thong

Is this really a thing? does it even stay on?


Julie's Drive Dirt

Will there be another Sex and the City movie or not??  Sarah Jessica Parker seems to think so.  Read more here.

It's official, they separated three years ago, but Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are now divorced.  Get more info.

Selena Gomez had a house party shut down by the cops.  Read more here.

Destiny's Child is back!  Get more info.

Kanye West got a Tarot reading yesterday, and it revealed what we all already knew...he's a big kid.  Read more here.