Vicious Beaver Attacks Man in Irondequoit Bay

Image source: 13 WHAM

A man in a kayak on Irondequoit Bay was literally attacked by a beaver and pulled out of his boat last week.  You won't believe this story - read more.


14 Hugs for a Better Workday

Want to start the workday off right?  Start by giving 14 coworkers a bear hug!  It really more.


3 Things You Need to Know...via Patrick from WHAM 1180

The USA beat Ghana yesterday in their first game of the World Cup.  Get more here.

Turns out we are sending troops to Iraq o deal with an Al Qaida insurgence.  Read more here.

A beaver jumped out of Irondequoit Creek and attacked a man in a kayak last week.  Get more here.


Mom Militia

Image source: WHAM 1180

Courtney, of the Mom Militia (we talked to her on Friday, click here to listen to what she had to say about the 390 shooter), called us again today.  We think she's really nuts.  Take a listen to what she's thinking now: 


Phone Rodeo

Bill & Julie competed in Phone Rodeo this morning.  They each had to call complete strangers and try to keep them on the line as long as possible...while doing random accents.  Bill had to do French, and Julie had to do British.  Hear who won:


Step-Father Father's Day Dis

We got this email from a disgruntled listener:


I have heard you talk about how cool your Father's Day was, and how cool it was for your kids to watch you drive the Lamborghini at that track.  I do not have kids of my own, however, my wife has 2 kids that I've been helping raise for 5 years now.  I didn't even get a card!!!  Should I be pissed at my wife or those 2 ungrateful little turds?  I am kidding...sort of...


Should he be upset?


Julie's Drive Dirt

New emojis are coming next month!  Get more info.

Tracy Morgan's status has been upgraded from critical to fair condition.  Read more here.

Robert Pattinson has shot down the rumors that he will be playing Indiana Jones.  Get more info.

Miss Nevada, aka Miss USA, doesn't know the capitol of her own state.  Read more here.



Image source: Twitter

"Naked" Wedding Cakes - something Julie should consider for her upcoming wedding?  Read more.