Skipping Work Without Getting Caught

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Summer is here, and there might be times when you REALLY don't feel like going to work.  Here's some advice for getting out of work:

-DON'T post on Social Media

-Be vague

-Follow through with the lie

Get more info on skipping work without getting caught here.


Anti Social Media App

Syracuse students have designed an app that MIGHT help you break away from your phone for more that two seconds at a time.  It's called Tock...get more info here.


Julie's Engagement

Big Drive news this morning...Julie got engaged over the weekend!  We called her fiancé, Andrew, to chat about how Julie almost blew it over a granola bar...hear the story: 

See more pictures of the engagement here


3 Things You Need to Know...via Patrick from WHAM 1180

There was another brawl at Charlotte beach over the weekend.  Read more here.

A 22 year old college student killed 6 people and injured 13 others in Santa Barbara, CA on Friday night, after releasing a disturbing YouTube videoGet more info.

Senator Chuck Schumer is asking for $100 million to aid the federal High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas Program.  Read more.


Lucky Day, or Honesty is the Best Policy?

Bill almost got a free power washer this weekend because the cashier missed it when ringing him up. He said something, and ended up paying for it...would you have said something?


Simple Skills

Some people can't type.  Bill can't tie knots.  Julie doesn't know much about makeup.  What simple skill can't YOU do?


Rock & Roll Academy

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Andy Babiuk, a rock star in his own right, stopped by the Morning Drive today to chat about his Boutique Guitar Shop, Fab Gear, and his lesson program, Rock & Roll Academy.  Andy tries to get young musicians off on the right foot...find out how you can sign up for the Summer session here.


Adam McFadden on Charlotte Beach

Image source: WHAM 1180

We talked to Adam McFadden this morning about everything that happened on Charlotte Beach this weekend.  Listen to his candid thoughts about the brawl, and issues on the beach:


Julie's Drive Dirt

Emma Watson graduated from Brown University this weekend!  Read more.

Adam Levine celebrated his bachelor party last week in Vegas.  Get more info.

We said goodbye to two contestants on the Bachelorette last night, Craig & Nick S.  Read more.

The Kimye wedding went down over the weekend in Paris, and if you were looking for didn't disappoint.  Get more info about the wedding here.  Plus, even though Jay-Z & Beyoncé didn't make it, Queen Bey sent her love: