Who doesn't love a Milkshake to start a new week?

Maybe all the liberals and conservatives could start getting along if they met up with this little buddy.  

Find out how you can try out this Milkshake when you WATCH HERE:



I'M PET OF THE WEEK AND MY ADOPTION FEE IS 50% OFF! I know, I know, you want to sing that song, but I am so much more than just popular with the boys. I love going for walks on my EZ walk harness. I love giving kisses (to people!) I love sitting in your lap. What's that you say? I'm too big to be a lap dog? Never say never! I will teach you my technique and snuggle you all day. I am also very smart and treat motivated (who isn't?), so I learn new things quickly. The thing I most want to learn right now is how to get go home with you, go for LOTS of walks and then get LOTS of belly rubs. I promise to make you smile every day, in the yard and out, free of charge! Dash down to visit me, Milkshake, at 184 Verona St, Rochester Animal Services.


milkshake pet of the week