The person you see pictured hanging from HSBC Plaza (outside our studio window) is part of Bandaloop, a group of creative performers who scale large buildings to strut their stuff acrobatically while hanging by ropes.  And you thought I was insane?  Bandaloop is one of the star attractions part of the First Niagara Fringe Festival in town for a 10 day run.  Watch these daredevils hang from 15 stories above downtown Fri. night at 8pm and Sat. at 4p (weather permitting).  There will be a party at Manhattan Square Park (a prime viewing area for this aerial madness) where food, drink and live entertainment will continue throughout the performance Fri. night. Here's a tip from your Mayor on the streets: keep an eye for Movin' Melvin, a cool dude who takes you on a journey of the history of black music from the '50s to the 90's (gee, let's hope he forgot Milli Vanilli).  Movin' Melvin has been selling out nationwide with his storytelling and dance moves.


>> The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society presents "Light the Night" at MCC Fri. at 7pm.

>> Take a ride out routes 5&20 to Seneca Falls for the Finger Lakes Cork & Fork Festival (say that 5 times careful if you're in the office) Fri. 6-9p and Sat. 11a-5p at Rodman Lott & Sons Farm.  Take in locally grown food, wine and brew from the Finger Lakes region.  A perfect way to segue from summer into fall.

>> Speaking of fall, get in the spirit by checking out a Section V football game.  Highlighted games include: Webster Schroeder @ Gates-Chili, Churchville-Chili @ Brockport, Rush-Henrietta @ Webster Thomas and Perry @ York Fri. night.  Sat. bet on the mudders in the afternoon games featuring Eastridge @ Greece Olympia, Victor @ Greece Athena and Canandaigua @ Fairport at 7p.

>> Since the weather is iffy, stay inside and take in a flick.  New choices include "Prisoners", a chilling story about two young girls vanishing from Thanksgiving dinner in Pa.  You can't go wrong with Hugh Jackman as a shaken father and Jake Gyllenhaul as the detective on the hunt.  For less intensity, if you're more into dancing, try out "Battle Of The Year", as America tries to regain the dancing crown from Korea (what a plot).  Somehow Chris Brown shows up in this less than Oscar worthy production.  Hope he doesn't punch anybody in a dance infused rage.

>> And speaking of awards, television honors itself (how sweet) with the Emmy Awards Sun. night on CBS.  Neil Patrick Harris hosts and gets plenty of chances to mock the stars who think they are so damn important ("don't you know who I am?   I'M ON TV! I'M DAMN IMPORTANT!!!").  Probably it's more fun to tune into Joan Rivers on the red carpet mocking all of them before they get to act so regal.  Hope Joan's face doesn't fall off from laughing.....