Want to alert you to a couple of great fundraisers as the holidays kick into high gear.  We start Friday night at the Riverside Convention Center with the annual Skycoasters Turkey Bash.  This year we honor and benefit Rochester city and county firefighters.  There's lots of great tunes to boogie to, free food, lots of good looking people and we encourage everybody to wear white to get into the holiday spirit.  Prizes will be awarded for creative white outfits.  Tickets at Wegmans, here on our site and at the door.

Monday night there's a cigar smoker to benefit the Irondequoit Community Cupboard as they gear up for the holiday rush with plenty of mouths to feed.  Here's the sccop: 

Cigar Smoker

25th 2013  -  6:30 PM

– 1300 Empire Blvd


2 Hours Open Bar                           3 Fine Cigars


Shrimp Appetizer            USDA Choice
Strip Steak Dinner


         Live Band                                             Raffles,
Auctions, Giveaways !


Includes all

No Cigars

       Smoker Hotline  - 

to Benefit The Irondequoit Community Cupboard