I took a one hour run through downtown on our beautiful Wed. afternoon.  It wasn't easy because of all the detours for the filming of "The Amazing Spiderman 2" that seemed to pop up on every corner.  Here are some of the things I observed as I dodged the crowds sprinkled in amongst the orange barrels and RPD cops spread around the perimeter of Main St.:

>> Rochestarians are amazed by Hollywood.  There were throngs of people gathered at all the "hot" viewing spots hoping to catch a glimpse at the action, even though it was few and far between. It appeared the NYPD has invaded our downtown.  Even though the chase scenes are being filmed here, the actual movie will be based in NYC, and there's plenty of NYPD cars and NYC cabs being used as props.

>> It takes an army to produce these flicks.  There are many more behind the scenes people at work than actual actors in the production.  Stunt drivers, camera people, caterers, drivers, producers, riggers and many more folks who you will never see on screen make up the bulk of the hundreds who work on the project.  The actors make up a small slice of the team, while taking the majority of the money and credit.

>> Speaking of money, word on the street is the production here is costing around $600,000. That's a large sum pumping needed cash into our economy for a week, but a sliver of what it would cost to film these scenes in bigger cities.  

>> Our own RPD cops are patient people.  Even though they were stationed in the hot sun and were being asked plenty of questions by the star gazing public, they manned their posts with professionalism as the sun beat down on them in their blue uniforms.

>> Plenty of the questions were the same from corner to corner: "when will Spiderman show up?"...he's not, only the chase scenes are being filmed. "how much longer til they actually film?"....who knows, it's a v-e-r-y  s-l-o-w process.  In fact in the one hour I was jogging around, only one scene was actually filmed and it took all of :20 seconds to make it's way from the corner of St. Paul to Scio St.  If you're looking for alot of action, good luck. 

>> I was stopped 4 times along my path by people asking where the bus stop was.  Even though RTS has posted signs, advertised and announced the location of the move from Main St. one block and a bridge south to Broad St., apparently many people weren't paying attention.  Or are just too lazy to pay attention and figure it out.

>> We like to bitch alot about the weather here.  I heard more than a few people state: "it's too hot out here"!  Really people?  77* is too hot on a beautiful Wed. afternoon?  These are the same folks who complain that it's been a late spring, or we get too much snow, or it's sometimes too cloudy.  If the people from Hollywood knew something about the weather when they picked this week to shoot in Roch., I sure hope they come back more often!