A new government survey has been released and it shows how much the world has changed over the last 20 years. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) surveyed 12 thousand women under the age of 45 regarding their feelings about co-habitation and marriage.  Here are the results, with 2013 results on the left and 1995's answers to the right. Survey says:

                                                                                                   2013   1995

Percentage of women who would live with a man BEFORE marriage:        48      34

Percentage of women who would WAIT to live together until marriage:    23      39

Those are striking numbers, don't you think?  Almost half of women under 45 want to try him out first, as compared to 1/3 only 18 years ago.  Kind of like buying a new car: take him for a spin, get a good feel, kick the tires, take a good whiff!  After all, marriage supposedly means you will be receiving a life sentence with this dude.  So why not make sure first?  By the way, 40% of those who did marry after living together for 3 years prior ending up staying together.  On the other hand, that means 60% didn't last. So, if you're considering an offer from that "perfect boy", jump at your own risk.  You didn't need a governmental study to tell you that did ya?