Here's Rochester's favorite irishman John Patrick Sullivan.  You've seen him in his emerald green attire annually celebrating at the St. Patrick's Day Parade.  Even the blizzard couldn't stop this years annual tribute to all that is irish in our area!

John Patrick, a Kodak retiree, this year is honoring the memory of Tom Ferraro, the man who founded Foodlink and passed away recently. Mr. Sullivan encourages us all to bring non-perishable food to your favorite pub or restaurant while toasting this weekend.  All items will be donated to local food cupboards.  Some of the local joints that are participating are Matthews East End Grill, Olies and Shamrock Jacks in Irondequoit.

Join us bright-n-early at 10am Sat. at Matthews on East Ave., a prime viewing spot for the St. Patrick's Parade which kicks off at East & Alexander at 12:30p and rolls right by Matthews, up to Main, then west to Plymouth Ave.  Erin go bragh!