Bachelor more womenGuess it's never too early for ABC to hype the new season of "The Bachelor", the show that normally fails at marrying off a couple who find fame and (supposed) love while cameras and America follows along. 

Have you seen the hokey ABC promo ads proclaiming it to be "Juan-uary"? Ugh.  There's pure marketing genius, right?  It's all about former soccer player and "Bachlorette" reject Juan Pablo, who will have the monumental task of being wooed by 27 women.  Doesn't he look stessed in the photo with his potential suitors?  Here are some of the names and occupations that stuck out to me from ABC's press release:

Amy  27-years-old from Orlando, a TV news reporter (this gives her alot of cred for her job,)

Cassandra  21 ROCHESTER (no, not here...) Rochester Hills Mich.  a former NBA dancer (her parents must be proud)

Sharleen  29 Heidlesburg Germany  an opera singer (I'm sure she'll croon love tunes for him)

Lucy  24 from Santa Barbera CA  here's a good title> "free spirit"  (where do we apply for that?)   

and my personal fave: Nikki  26 Kansas City a pediatric nurse (who doesn't love a nurse who helps sick kids?)

The drama kicks off Jan. 6 at 8p on ABC.  Let the catfights begin!


(photo Rick Rowell/ABC)