AP TV-Honey Boo Boo

No one is immune to rough road travel this week.  Not only have we put up with dangerous icy roads, but the world's favorite little redneck Honey Boo Boo was involved in an accident Tuesday.

US Weekly reports Boo Boo was traveling with her brainiac family in a Suburban when it was hit while Sugar Bear (dad Dave) was making a turn in their hometown of McIntyre GA.  Mama June says "it was real scary.  None of us had ever been in a wreck before."

Thankfully we can all take a collective sigh of relief as America's first family of white trash is fine as no one was injured.  The whole clan was in the wreck, including Boo Boo, sisters Chubbs (Jessica) and Pumpkin (Lauryn) who was celebrating her 14th birthday.  Man this family knows how to throw an exciting bday bash. Hope the cameras were rolling to capture the drama y'all!

(photo John Bazemore/AP)