Welcome to April, even though it looks and feels more like November.  This weather could be a cruel April Fools Day joke.  It's no joke when you have to entertain your  kids and keep them occupied during school break.  Here's an idea for you to ponder for them.  The National Museum of Play at Strong this week is featuring a 24,000 piece puzzle which took 400 hours to construct.  You read that right: 24 THOUSAND pieces put together over 400 HOURS.  I'm sure if you have young kids it will only take them 10 MINUTES to destroy it.  It is waiting for you all week right next door to where I am typing this right now.

If your kid is more of the type who is more drawn to the water, Splash Week is underway at Rochester area YMCAs.  Obviously swimming is the focus, and with the chilly air outside, it may be a good way to keep your child interested without having to pay thousands to travel south.  Or if he or she really is more into fishing, today kicks off the trout season with The Reidman Trout Derby at Powder Mills Park off route 96.

If you personally wanna rock tonight, Green Day plays the Blue Cross Arena after Billie Joe Armstrong's successful return from rehab.  I saw them a couple of summers ago at Darien and it's a killer show.  And that's no April Fools Day joke!