Tom Brady Puts Year Old Mansion Up For SaleWelcome to the first day of spring!  Time to shop for a new home?  Here it is.

A couple of small complications go with the perfectly manicured lawn and pool.  First, you have to move to Brentwood CA.  You may have heard of that town. That's where OJ Simpson lived once, but no worries. He won't be stopping by for a swim and a glass of orange juice because he's still in jail in Nevada.

So if you're not afraid to pack up the family and move west, I hope you hit the Mega Millions jackpot of $400 million Tuesday because that will help on your down payment.  Yes, your new house is not s starter home or a "fixer up" (as you can tell by the picture). 

This home is currently owned by NFL quarterback Tom Brady and his supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen.  They are asking you to fork over a cool $50 mil to say that you own THEIR home.  But that's nothing IF you had won that jackpot.

Just remember, when you look closely at the pic, there are plenty of people that come with the house.  Look at the driveway.  There are cars and trucks there that are probably owned by contractors, maids, cooks, security know, you're very own entourage of folks who want to be paid to make sure your dream home is up to the high standards you deserve.  And you'll need a great accountant to make sure you keep up on your California taxes. 

But, remember, it's the first day of the new season and hope SPRINGs eternal.  So let's all dream of sunny skies and warm temps ahead so we can take long dips in your brand new pool.  Thanks for the invite!

(photo/MLS/Getty Images)