I bet you think the Social Security people are here to take money out of your paycheck, invest it and then give it back to you when you get older.  Hopefully they're doing their job better than the IRS lately, right?  Well apparently they've also joined the baby business.  Here's the evidence:

Social Security Reveals the Most Popular Baby Names in New York for 2012


See the list at www.socialsecurity.gov


The Social Security Administration today announced the most popular baby names in New York for 2012.  Michael and Sophia topped the list. 

The top five boys and girls names for 2012 in New York were: 

            Boys:                                       Girls:

            1)  Michael                              1)   Sophia

            2)  Jacob                                  2)   Isabella

            3)  Jayden                                3)   Emma

            4)  Ethan                                 4)   Olivia

            5)  Mason                                5)   Ava

 So, if you're having a baby soon (congrats!) there's a starter list for you and your lucky partner to fight over.  Good luck, and I hope the SSA people get back to keeping a close eye on OUR money in their real jobs....