......a great restaurant that I had dinner at Fri. night downtown.  Tavern 58 at Gibbs is a solid spot for excellent dining.  Two brothers (Ryan and Nick) own the joint along with Chef Mike who whips up a great variety of tasty chow.  It's a perfect spot for a pre-show dinner, whether you're going to Wicked at the Aud or a flick at the Little Theatre.  That's where I ended up after dinner and loved the movie The Place Beyond the Pines.  Ryan Gosling stars as daredevil motorcyclist playing carnivals and fairs on the road.  He sees a former hookup played by Eva Mendes, a struggling waitress in town.  This encounter leads to Gosling's character discovering he fathered a child with her, and his life spirals out of control after the revelation. Bradley Cooper and Ray Liotta play cops who weave their way into the chaos.  It is a true thrill ride as world's collide and you can't go wrong with this cast.  It is also beautifully filmed in upstate NY.  And since it is only showing at the Little, it makes for a great date night.  Even Rochester and garble plates get a mention in the flick.  If you like action and cop flicks, this one is for you.

....Saturday I headed north to Old Forge in the Adirondacks.  It is a quiet time of the year up in this resort area, but it did not stop some of my police buddies from wild water rafting.  These are strong, tough guys who deal with danger on a daily basis.  But they were actually fearful for their lives as the rapids raged around them.  A few commented to me that they actually thought they might not make it through this Adirondack adventure. So, my recommendation to you is that if you don't have a strong stomach, or are a bit timid, stay away from such nonsense, as I did.  It was much safer barhopping around Old Forge.

....Sunday my friend Anthony Daniele from Mario's and I made a stop at the infamous Thirstys in Pittsford to take in the excitement of The Masters on CBS.  Anth and I are not golf guys but we needed to be part of the action, and we couldn't think of a better spot around town to watch the drama unfold.  A full bar was mostly cheering against Tiger Woods as he struggled to stay in the hunt for the green jacket that the winner receives.  We all cheered happily as Tiger failed in his quest.  My recommendation would be to not cheat on your wife and family unless you want to become the hated villan that everybody cheers against in life.