I just returned from a great week off.  Rather than spending my precious vacation time driving or flying hundreds of miles, this year I stayed home.  Yes, I'm now one  of "those", a staycationer.  I must say it was great.  While saving some hard earned cash and spending some of it locally, I enjoyed every moment in the Finger Lakes region, including my hometown of Canandaigua.  By the way, that's City Hall in Cdga. pictured on the cover here, where my dad had his office when I was growing up.  Here are some of the highlights of my tour of the lakes:

>> The Sandbar at the Inn on the Lake in Canandaigua.  LOVE this place!  Judging from my credit card receipts, maybe a little too much. If you're looking for a great spot for a cocktail or a bite next to the water, here's where you want to head, either by car, bike or boat.  Sir Chris Burns, Donnie Graham and the team know how to make people happy on the shore.  And not far from City Hall, you'll find fun at The Green Front on Niagara St., and the aptly named Niagara Grill, both Cdga. institutions.

>> Seabreeze amusement park.  Spent last Friday ridin' the rides and smilin', all while sweating away the chow and drink that I consumed over vacation.  When it's 95* with 95% humidity, hit the water park here.  I rode the Jack Rabbit a few times, and that coaster is still a classic.  And the park is in great shape, well kept and clean.  A little tip for parents: while the kids are having fun, if you need air conditioning and a sip, head next door to Seabreeze to Shamrock Jacks on Culver Rd.  The Pentzig family treats you well while the kids play.  I call that a win-win.

>> For the golf lover: Livingston Country Club in Geneseo or Ridgemont in Greece.  I'm not one to play the links, but I was at both places during vacation and enjoyed a nice meal at both.  At LCC, the food and atmosphere at Nines Restaurant is wonderful and open to the public, led by Craig Chiara.  Ridgemont has sprung back to life with new ownership and was fantastic as I was Master of Ceremonies for a golf tourney for Sen. Joe Robach on Monday.  If you ever spent time at Bathtub Billys in Greece during the glory days there, you'll be happy to know its former owner Joe Giordano is now in charge of the clubhouse and dining room at Ridgemont, and he does a great job.  

My point is, there is plenty of options for great family fun during summer vacation around us. Hope your vacation turns out as well as mine did.