Juan Pablo roseWho looks worse in America today?  Justin Bieber after his brat behavior in his deposition that TMZ sent floating virally around the globe? Or, Juan Pablo Galavis, the Roberts Wesleyan grad who just ended the "most controversial Bachelor ever"?

Juan Pablo, pictured with his prized rose, has ticked off many during his run as "The Bachelor".  He took a shot at gays as "perverted", he was rather cavalier in his attitude to many of the women courting him, and Monday even seemed to tick off the host of the ABC show Chris Harrison. 

If you did not watch or haven't heard, SPOILER ALERT: in the Final Rose episode, JP (no relation to our teammate here at the station) had the two finalists meet his family.  After, Juan Pablo dumped Clare, but not before she gave him a good scolding and said she's never want him to be a father to her children.  Smack!  I'm sure the female audience loved that zinger!

Now down to his final choice Nikki, a pediatric nurse from Kansas City, JP did not propose and basically didn't even admit to loving her.  Chris Harrison was not pleased by this development because I guess it doesn't fit the script of the show.  Every other Bachelor and Bachelorette has offered a marriage proposal in the past, and while most don't actually ever lead to the altar, it seems to fit the happy ending part of the script.

Well, JP don't play that way!  He and Nikki ended up on the couch for the "After The Rose" grilling and was immediately hated by the studio audience.  It seems that America wasted their time with this whole deal and Juan Pablo didn't seem to be too fazed by the whole charade.  Oh well, hope his buds at Wesleyan still love their soccer hero because he may need some friendship now.  Nikki did decide to stay with JP and work on things.  I'm sure that will last until Justin Bieber shows up and swoops Nikki off her feet.  Now that would be quite the conclusion for all three drama queens!