I have stated many times that it is not smart to fight the law...the man...the cops!

Apparently Adam Webster doesn't listen to me.  18-year-old Mr. Webster is in the Livingston Co. Jail after a domestic incident in Dansville.  My friends at the Livingston Co. Sheriffs Office were called after our grimacing friend above got into a disagreement with a woman.

When our heroes arrived, Mr. Webster allegedly decided to take on the cops.  One deputy was injured but has since recovered.  Mr. Webster (no relation to the town "where life is worth living") is in jail after being charged with assault, resisting arrest and unlawful possession of alcohol. 

Today I salute all of our hard working law enforcement friends who go to work everyday, not knowing what may await them. I'm glad there are people like you and I who appreciate their effort, unlike Mr. Webster (allegedly)!

(photo/Liv. Co. Sheriffs Office)