It looks like the New York State Legislature is ready to get serious with the gun laws.  Personally I don't want to get involved in the political debate about guns. I don't own one and have never shot a gun. But I have plenty of friends who hunt and are involved in the manufacture and legal sale of weapons. I can understand both sides of the story. The Newtown school shootings and the Christmas Eve tragedy in Webster are still very fresh and painful in many minds.  One good thing that may come out of the NY law is The Webster Provision.  It basically states that anyone convicted of killing a first responder will receive a sentence of life in prison.  I wish NY still had a death penalty because I believe that is the true and rightful punishment for someone who wants to take shots at the people who are responding to help, serve and protect.  Certainly it would have been warranted for the maniac who shot all those responding to Lake Rd. along the shoreline on that horrible Christmas Eve morning.  It also should have been used on Tyquan Rivera.  Remember that name?  He's the punk who shot RPD Officer Anthony DiPonzio in the head on Dayton St. in the city and ended up getting a light sentence due to being a fourteen-year-old at the time. His age didn't hamper him from pulling the trigger, fully knowing he was shooting at a cop.  Luckily, Anthony pulled a miracle and survived, thanks to his strength, faith and some incredible people who saved his life on that fateful January 31st.  To me it's quite simple: try to kill a first responder and you lose your right to live.  Plain and simple!  What do you think?

On the brighter side, the Rochester Amerks will honor the West Webster Fire Dept. heroes and families this Monday at the Blue Cross Arena during their 1:05pm Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday game against Hamilton.  The Amerks will wear a special WWFD patch on their jerseys (sweaters to hockey fans), autograph them after the game and auction them on-line with proceeds to go the families of the WWFD. First responders can get a free ticket to the game at the Blue Cross Arena box office or by call 585.454.5335.