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If you have a young daughter, no doubt you have heard the song "Let It Go" a thousand times by now!  The ironically named tune--after all, don't you want to let it go away-- has propelled the soundtrack to the Disney movie "Frozen" to historic heights.

"Let It Go" is performed by Idina Menzel, but don't tell John Travolta.  It has been mouthed by young children thousands of times off the number one album in the country for the last 13 weeks.

"Frozen" now has joined some elite company, becoming one of a few select soundtrack albums to be number one for this amount of time.  Others who have done it are the soundtrack to "Hair" in 1969, along with artists who your kids may not be familiar with: Judy Garland and The Monkees.

At least nowadays your kids have their own headsets on while in the car with you.  So, let them enjoy their Disney tune while you let it go by turning up our station!  You won't hear Idina Menzel here today.  Consider it an early Mother's Day gift!