XXX_CAPDOWN-CARTER-rd303-When was the last time you used (or saw) a typewriter?  One of our former leaders still has ink in this tool that your kids have never heard of.

Jimmy Carter, the 39th President of the United States thinks the National Security Agency is spying on him.  Not sure what kind of secrets that he could share 34 years after leaving office but the former prez wants to keep his thoughts private.  He won't send personal letters electronically.  Instead, he uses snail mail.

Carter, who is releasing a new book entitled "Call To Action: Women, Religion, Violence and Power" told USA Today that he still uses a typewriter for his personal correspondence and puts a stamp on the envelope, walks down to the mailbox and sends out his thoughts and notes.  He doesn't trust his own government that he once led.

Carter's book is about what sexual harassment our women have endured.  The former president points out that 26,000 female members of the military have reportedly been abused while it's rare for an accused predator to be convicted in a military court.  The book is available at a good old fashioned bookstore near you.  Just ask the kid at the counter if they have a typewriter available.  Check the puzzled look on his or her face..... 

(photo Robert Deutsch/USA Today)