I LOVE this mugshot!  Does this happy man look like a leprechan?  He may be one because he was caught drunk in a dryer in Cincy.  Yes, he's a drunk in dryer, not a drunken driver.  Thanks to my pals at 13WHAM for tipping me off about my new favorite dude this wknd.  Remember kids: do not try this at home as the dryer is for clothes, not people!

  • Shaun Welsh (wcpo.com)
Shaun Welsh (wcpo.com)
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Cincinnati (AP) 

Police busted Shaun Welsh earlier this week, after Cincinnati officers said he was drunk and running naked on his street.

Officers report they found Welsh, 39, hiding in a neighbor's dryer.

Welsh pleaded no contest to disorderly conduct while intoxicated.

He was ordered to spend five more days in jail.