Dennis Rodman Apologizes for North Korea Remarks, Blames DrinkingDear Dennis Rodman:

Hope you've enjoyed your wonderful tour of North Korea.  It's always great to plan a vacation in a communist country that is run by a terrorist punk who kills and tortures not only his fellow countrymen, but also his own family.

Case in point, your "best friend" Kim Jong Un had his own uncle devoured by dogs as punishment for standing up to his beloved nephew.  That must have been must-see TV for the kids.  My uncle was a New York State Supreme Court justice and I never uttered a bad word towards him ever.  I guess our family dinners were a bit more tame than your buddy Uns.  Mr. Rodman, you know how to pick friends.

It must be nice to be naturally gifted as an athlete that helped you acquire million$ of bucks that have now been squandered on drugs, booze, tattoos and women over the years.  Dennis, I have to give you credit for getting Carmen Electra to marry you for five minutes.  After all, she is one of the most beautiful woman on the planet, although she might be lacking in brain power after hitching up with you.  But who can blame a lady for falling for such an impressive brainiac as you Dennis.

You obviously were tremendously stressed when you blew up on CNN this week.  You really proved your incredible intelligence when you blamed American Kenneth Bae for being imprisoned in North Korea, for no apparent reason and with no charges ever being introduced against the man.  I guess you really have the back of your "best friend" little Kim Jong Un, a guy who has never met a person he wouldn't want to torture. 

Dennis, do us all a favor and stay in North Korea and never come back to America sir.  You are an idiot, a disgrace to humanity and a loser.  And those are the kind thoughts I can write in Rochester NY, a place where freedom is embraced and encouraged.  Happy New Beer wacko!


"The Mayor"

Pete Kennedy