The Xerox Rochester International Jazzfest has already been a huge success as it heads into the final weekend. You'll find plenty of tents loaded with music and drink, scattered from the Inn on Broadway off East Ave., to Abilene on Liberty Pole Way near Andrews St. and the official hotel of the Jazzfest, the Rochester Plaza on State St. (where late night jam sessions break out nightly). 

One tip: WATCH where you park.  Every year folks from the 'burbs wander into downtown for their annual tour of the tunes, and end up aggravated and frustrated after they pick the wrong spot to leave their car.  They return to a ticket, or worse, no car at all after the vultures in the tow trucks have scooped up their illegally parked vehicle.  Save the money and headaces and avoid the hassles of finding a parking spot.  Free shuttles are available throughout the festival's run.  Here's where to find your free ride to the music and fun:

Buses begin running from 5 p.m. and run until midnight, with buses arriving at
each stop about every 15 minutes. Last pick-ups are at 11:30 p.m.

accommodate wheelchairs and assistive devices, and also have bathrooms and air

The stops are at the following locations:

•    State
St. & Church St. (Across from Rochester Plaza Hotel) (daily)
•    South
Ave between Broad and Court Streets (daily )
•    Clinton Avenue South at
Woodbury, near GEVA (daily)
•    Roundabout at Broadway and Broad (near
Manhattan Square Park) (Friday 6/21, Saturday 6/22, Friday 6/28, Saturday 6/29
•    Chestnut St. & East Main St. (Sunday 6/23 - Thursday 6/27
•    Andrews St. & Liberty Pole Way (daily)