Kodak has named 8 new members to the new Board of Directors who will help to shape the company when it re-emerges from bankruptcy. "These highly accomplished and proven business leaders bring a rich combination of capabilities in technology, packaging, corporate strategy and finance – all key areas of focus for the new Kodak,” said Kodak CEO Antonio Perez. “I look forward to working with the members of this strong and well-suited board."

First off, do you believe Perez gets to stay on the board and gets to keep working after all he's done to drag the company and thousands of people down?  I hope these 8 new board members don't listen to a word he says while he's collecting his millions. Or better yet, their first move is to sack his butt and move on.

Speaking of, with Kodak developing a new culture and direction (which should not include Perez), they could not have found ONE QUALIFIED WOMAN for the new board?  All 9 members of the new Kodak Board of Directors are men.  I don't hold anything against these guys (except for the vulture Perez) but there's NOT ONE QUALIFED WOMAN in American business that could be found to join the board?  I'm not the smartest kid but I'm guessing with a little more work during the search process, Kodak could have found a couple of qualified ladies to join and steer the ship.  Just sayin'......but what do I know?  I'm just a dumbie from little ol' Canandaigua NY, where a bunch of former Kodak workers live after getting the ax during Director Perez's reign of tragedy.