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Is this the next owner of the Buffalo Bills?  Reports are floating that rocker Jon Bon Jovi, this guy with the great hair, is part of a group interested in bidding for the Bills.

The Toronto Sun (Mayor Rob Ford's favorite rag) reports Bon Jovi is part of a group based in Toronto who are ready to make an offer to Mary Wilson, the widow of Ralph Wilson who controls the trust that the team is operating under.  Mr. Wilson died on March 25, 2014.

Interesting that Bon Jovi, a Jersey boy at heart, has joined the Canadian group.  It has always been speculated that Rogers Communications, based in TO and the group who helped to screw Bills fans out of one home game a year in favor of a "home" game in downtown Toronto, is the same group trying to snag the Bills away from western NY.

Remember, this is all speculation.  But, if this ever becomes reality, I will refuse to play any more Bon Jovi music in my career.  After all, we can never trust someone who cheats on our heart, right?

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