My source (alright, it's Rachel Barnhart, a pretty smart reporter over at 13WHAM News)...anyway, this source reports that Kodak is considering selling or moving out of the iconic Kodak tower on State St.  Here's another reason to really dislike Kodak CEO Antonio Perez.  Besides downsizing thousands of hard working folks out of jobs and sending the company into bankruptcy with his failed strategies, the speculation now is that Kodak is trimming so much that they won't need the building that was built in 1913.  5 of the buildings on the complex are already on the block to be sold (possibly as the next MCC downtown campus), but wouldn't be it be depressing if Kodak moved on from the tower that has stood as a strong symbol on the Rochester skyline for 100 years?  How much longer before Perez sells the name Kodak?  Sounds foolish, right?  Nothing is impossible with him at the helm, except for the possibility that Kodak will never be what it once was to all of us.

On the brighter side, a much smarter man is celebrating a milestone today.  Rochester Police Officer Anthony DiPonzuio today celebrates survival on the 4th anniversary of being shot in the head on Dayton St in the 'hood on a very cold, snowy Jan. 31, 2009.  I have watched Anthony's progress from that very scary day to today and it is truly a miracle!  His strength and faith, along with prayers from his mom Joanne, dad Tony, sister Gina and thousands of Rochesterians have brought us to a point where Anth is back "on the job" doing what he loves. There are many who share in the recognition for his recovery, including RPD Officer Paul Dondorfer, Dr. Paul Maurer, Dr. Chuck Cavalero, and many nurses and cops who have been by Anthony's side during this incredible journey that started 4 years ago today. Tonight I will celebrate with the DiPonzio and RPD families. God bless them for their courage and faith, and God bless all of our troops in harm's way.