This is 23-year-old Cory Favata.  He is accused of killing a 17-month-old baby.

Cory Favata has been charged with 2nd degree murder by Greece Police.  The GPD alleges that Mr. Favata caused injuries that killed a poor little innocent child named Rileigh Renee Daniels while the baby was in his care as Rileigh's mother was at work.

This heinous act allegedly occurred on April 21st.  That is the day after Easter Sunday.  You and I can't comprehend how an adult can hurt an infant so badly that the defenseless child never recovers. 

Poor little Rileigh Renee died on Thursday April 24, 2014.  The child barely had been able to enjoy life, only getting to celebrate one birthday in her short time on earth.  We can only hope she now is in Heaven, and will be watched over with more care and love there than she received on the day after Easter in Greece NY.

Cory Favata pleaded not guilty Tuesday night in Greece Town Court.  He will now live in the Monroe Co. Jail as the justice process plays out.  He lives while the innocent child is gone from her mother.

Rileigh's mom now struggles to plan her baby's funeral.  If you would like to contribute to help defray the costs of such a painful service and rightful burial for the child, an account has been set up at GoFundMe.  

R.I.P. Rileigh Renee Daniels. God bless her mom and family.