Dear mom:

I miss you everyday.  I wish I had said THANK YOU more often.  I wish I had said many more things about how important you are to me before you left me in 1988.

Mom, you were an incredible influence in my life.  I was too dumb to ever tell you that.  I am sorry about that.  The truth is that you, Marion Kennedy, were one of the greatest people to ever live on earth. I wish I had told you that.

All my friends loved you.  Everybody in Canandaigua knew how special you were.  Why was I so naïve to think that you knew that and I shouldn't tell you that more often?

You were the prototypical mother.  You spoiled me, as well as my sister and 3 older brothers.  And all my friends who walked into our home and life.  You cared so much.  Probably too much many times.  You loved us with all your heart and soul.  And you never asked for anything.

Why do I realize this so late?  This is a lame excuse but I'm guessing every kid gets so absorbed into their own little world that we miss the big picture. 

At the time, I thought it was more important to focus on other things.  Like playing sports, playing with my buddies, riding my bike, hangin' out in Canandaigua doing nothing.  Hoping some cute girl would notice this dumb little irish lad.  I certainly wasn't smart enough at the time to realize I already had the prettiest girl: you!

All those things seemed important at the time.  What I realize all these years later is that you and dad were the most important part of my life.  Damn, I wish I said that more, learned that and lived that then.  Playing a game was fun, but you both were the real deal, the bedrock of my world.  I really wish I had been smart enough as a kid to tell you that then.

So, this Mother's Day, I just want to say thank you Marion Kennedy for being you.  I know it's too late.  I know it's far too simple.  I know it should have been said many more times when you were still with me.  I apologize for being so short sighted at that time in my life.

Just know that I miss you everyday of my life.  And I will continue to try to be as great a person as you were.  Everyday.  Because that's what moms do.  They're great, they love unconditionally, and never expect anything in return. 

That's why moms are the greatest.  You brought me to life.  And to this day you give me life.  You loved me when I was screwing up.  You loved me when I was doing something right.  You loved me all along.  The greatest gift a mom can ever give.

Happy Mothers Day Marion Kennedy.  I adore and love you.  Forever.