I'm sad to report the Buffalo Jills are leaving us.  The ladies who have entertained western New York football fans at Bills games since 1967 have suspended operations.

The cheerleading squad is embroiled in a dispute over pay and work conditions.  They allege they have been treated unfairly by the team and the cheer squad's management over the years.

Unless this dispute is worked out over the summer, it will be sad for us fans when we see an empty sideline lacking in spirit at Ralph Wilson Stadium this fall.  Just look at the picture above.  Look at the happy (possibly inebriated) gents in the background who are enthralled by the ladies moves.  The military fatigues certainly get the guys attention.

According to a spokesperson for the Jills, the squad allegedly had to endure a "jiggle test" to test their physique. I don't know if you have to go through such rigorous testing for your job, but I'm on edge in anticipation if my boss asks me to do the now infamous "jiggle test".

I would also like to point out the cheerleaders appeared at many charitable functions in the area over the years, and I have personally met some of them.  They have always been friendly, courteous and professional when I have seen them entertain in the community.

I wish the ladies luck and hope for the best.  It won't be the same in Orchard Park if the sidelines are silent.  The fans pictured above may actually have to pay attention to the action on the field, not the sidelines. 

(photo/Heather Ainsworth/AP)