The Mayor Pete Kennedy

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The Mayor Pete Kennedy

Born in Canandaigua NY, Pete Kennedy grew up the youngest of 5 Irish kids of Marian and T. Hamilton Kennedy. His dad "Ham" was elected as Mayor of the city of Canandaigua and served 14 years while his youngest son Pete stole the title "Mayor". Ham earned the title and Pete pilfered it.

Pete helped a bunch of his buds at St. Marys School to found an actual radio station that played music over the PA system during lunch. Many of the nuns were less than impressed by the musical selections this young mob played over WSMR. Later, "Mayor" also served as captain of his beloved Canandaigua Academy football team the Braves.

After successfully graduating from SUNY Geneseo where he spent many hours "studying" humanity while DJing and bartending at the world famous Inn Between, he headed to the bright lights of the big city of Rochester NY where he's been rockin' Rochester radio waves for 25 years, now crankin' great tunes on 100.5 the Drive, Sunny 102.3 and Mix 103.3!


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