Meet Lucy, 1 year old Female Terrier, Pit Bull/Mix.  Her adoption fees ate 50% off.


I love Lucy, and you will, too! She is a girl who loves to spend time with her people. Her favorite position is lying on her back in the sun, waiting for a belly rub from you. Lucy will give you lots of kisses as a reward for all your petting.


Lucy would love to be the only dog in your life, as she enjoys life at a slower, relaxed pace. She does not enjoy getting over-excited, and plus she will soak up and return all the affection you can give, and take care of all your dog-loving needs. : ) Lucy would also like a home where she will go regularly to training class with you. She wants to improve her leash walking skills and manners.


Lucy loves to go out to the Play Yard off leash with a volunteer to relax one on one. Her favorite part is carrying a rope/ring tug toy around, and settling in different parts of the Yard to chew and ponder the world.


If you are looking for a single girl to fill your days (and nights) with snuggles and smiles, you will love our Lucy!


Come down to 184 Verona Street to meet this funny girl today.