Meet Zima, a 1 year, 6 months old Female Terrier, Pit Bull/Mix and her adoption fees are 50% off.

Zima is as sweet as they come! She has this adorable way of excitement when she sees you that are very unique as if she prances and moves her head with excitement. She walks well on a leash and appears kennels trained.
She is our rock star appropriate player out in the shelter play yard, very smooth and fun with the other dogs. We did a cat test with her and she didn't even seem interested but if you have cats it's always important to do slow supervised introductions to have the best future for Zima and your cats.
Zima is also one of our cuddlers and can't wait to get close to you; she enjoys petting and kisses too. She has much love to give in return. She went to an event rode well in the car, did really well meeting people, kids, and other dogs.

Come into meet this very unique and beautiful looking dog at 184 Verona Street, you are sure to fall in love with her.