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Marianne Sierk

Originally from Upstate NY, Marianne Sierk (pronounced "Seerk") graduated from Syracuse University with a drama degree and stars in her eyes. She moved to Manhattan hoping to be an actress in the theatre but all her plans changed after seeing a stand up comedy show. Realizing that she looked really good in front of a brick wall and that she could make hundreds of dollars a week doing comedy, she made the jump into the stand up world. She worked hard at small venues like bars, subway shops, laundromats and coffee shops and eventually graduated to proper comedy clubs. She got her big break when being asked to do a comic commentary on VH1. This led to about 20 appearances on all those mindless shows people pretend they don't really watch. She then snagged a part on Comedy Central's first season of "Live at Gotham", two episodes of of NBC's "Comics Unleashed with Byron Allen" and the BBC's "The World Stands Up".After living in Los Angeles and traveling the country entertaining audiences at colleges, clubs and corporate events as well as starring in commercials and writing jokes all day, Marianne is happy to be back home in Rochester.

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