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Rochester's New Home for Elvis Duran!

Marianne Sierk


Dad Takes Wheelchair Bound Son to Skatepark

What an awesome dad to run around with his son to give him a great time   // Dad Takes Wheelchair-Bound Son To Skate Park Give this dad an award! Posted by AskMen...
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The NFL According to International Students

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Mom Gets a Workout Trying to Dress Her 8 Month Old Triplets and 2 Year Old Toddler

Oh.  My God.   
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Did Beyonce Almost Fall During the Halftime Show

Or was it a planned move?  I think she almost fell backwards but whatever - it all looked good and she recovered perfectly  
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NFL's DeAngelo Williams Does Daughter's Hair

Come on this is adorable!   
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Go Pro Documents a Man's Free Fall FROM SPACE!!

October 2012, Felix Baumgartiner went up 128,000 feet in a stratospheric balloon.  He then FREE FELL to the Earth - breaking the sound barrier and setting three world records in the process....
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Lost Puppy Found One Mile Out at Sea

This little pup was chasing seagulls at the beach in England and was spotted four days later a mile out to sea.  Talk about exhausted!! He was taken to a vet and has been reported to be...
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Beer Yoga!?!

I mean....OK!!!  I can't imbibe at the moment - or really even do yoga that well - but this is on my list for the next work out I'd like to try   BREWASANA!!! BREWGA!!! ...
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OREO Releases Their Latest Flavor

Root Beer float Oreo?  Fried Chicken Oreo?  What will it be?   Drumroll please?   It's  A"Filled Cupcake" Oreo!   Sounds good!!!! It's got a little bit of...
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Would You Be Willing To Pay To Swap Out of A Bad Airline Seat?

If you answered yes you're not alone!  ~39% are willing to pay to move from a middle seat to an aisle seat ~31% are willing to pay to move from a middle seat to a window seat ~44%...
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