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Rochester's New Home for Elvis Duran!

Marianne Sierk


Most Terrifying Mountain Road Ride

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Lead Found in Water at Penfield School

First it was Brighton - now Penfield has shown to have unsafe levels of lead in their school's drinking water.  Of 38 samples taken, 9 were shown to have had elevated levels of lead. ...
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Purina Recalls 10 oz. Tubs of Wet Dog Food

If you regularly buy Purina wet dog food you may want to check the expiration dates to see if you have the recalled items.  Don't worry - they're not being recalled because they're highly...
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Identical Twins Share Everything - Even a Boyfriend and a Bed

They've spent over $250k on plastic surgery to make sure they look EXACTLY alike and are dating a guy that's a twin himself - so he understands their "bond" (aka addiction?)  CLICK HERE...
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Instagram Husband's Who Snap Pics Of Their Wives

// This Video About instagram Husbands Who Snap Pics of Their Wiv... This Video About #instagram Husbands Who Snap Pics of Their Wives Is #Hilarious Posted by Viral Videos...
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Is Trump Just a Drunk Redneck?

Well people always say they love him because he "tells it like it is" or that he "Says what we're all thinking".  If that's the case then I'm even more terrified for this country  ...
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1 in 3 Americans Don't Have Anything Saved For Retirement!

According to a new survey 56% of Americans have less than $10k saved for retirement while 75% of those over 40 are behind on savings.  72% of Millennials have less than $10k saved.  I...
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Obama With The Star Of Hamilton At White House

// Wait for it... 󾠀⬇️ #Bam4Ham Posted by The White House on Monday, March 14, 2016
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Attempted Attack on Trump in Dayton, Ohio

This is one of the best angles to see the attacker and Trump's reaction  
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Comedian David GBorie Explains Why You Should Skip College

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