Is Juan Pablo ABC's Next 'Bachelor'?

Image source: iHeartRadio/ Ryan Seacrest

We will be doing our Bachelor Fantasy Draft later this morning, and we've laid out the rules.  In addition to one point for each Rose Ceremony elimination a girl survives, points will be awarded for the following achievements:

-Under the Limbo - Girl gets the final rose at each Rose Ceremony - +3

-Top Gun - Girl gets the first plane ride - +4

-Mercy Flight - Girl gets the first helicopter ride - +3

-A Tug on the Heartstrings - Girl gets the first boat ride (canoes/ rowboats do not count) - +2

-Zombies!! - Girl makes an appearance on a later episode after being kicked off - +5

We will tally the scores each week, and the team with the most points at the end of the season will win!  This doesn't necessarily mean the team with the winning girl will be the winner of this competition.  May the best team win!