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It's mid-March.  It's supposed to snow, a LOT, tomorrow.  It's a rough time of year.  Having a tough time staying awake all day?  You're not alone.  Lack of Vitamin D & seasonal depression may be weighing you down, in addition to a few other things:

    •    You need more vitamin D - There are vitamin D receptors in almost every organ of your body, including your heart and brain. A dull pain in your bones or muscles can be a symptom along with less energy. Get a 25-hydroxy vitamin D blood test from your doctor to be sure.
    •    You're stuffed up - If you are stuffed up all the time and tired, it could be chronic sinusitis. Almost 12% of us have this. Along with being tired you would have pain around the eyes, cheeks and nose. It can even give you bad breath. Try a saline nose spray or net pot before going to the doctor.
    •    Gluten problems - Yes, you might be one of those people who needs gluten free everything. If you have a gluten sensitivity, you might have bloating, body aches, chronic headaches and short term memory loss along with fatigue. Your GP can test your blood to see if gluten is the problem. Luckily there are many gluten free foods available now.
    •    You're depressed - Depression and fatigue go hand in hand. The same chemical imbalances that cause depression can sap your energy as well.
    •    Heart Problems - Fatigue, anxiety, trouble sleeping, shortness of breath and indigestion can be signs of a hidden heart problem. If you have these symptoms for more than a few days, check it out with your doctor.
    •    Auto-immune disease - Sometimes your immune system can attack your body by mistake. Aches and pain in your joints for hours a day can be a sign of an auto-immune disease. If they last for more than a week, or come and go for months you should check it out with your doctor. There are many treatments for auto-immune diseases like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.

Source: Dr. Dave's Ultimate Prep