It's almost time for the Academy Awards!  For those playing along at home, here's an Oscars Drinking Game, via Crushable.


General rules:
-Take a drink any time Ellen dances
-Give a drink to a friend any time someone says "thank you" in a speech
-Take a drink if anyone (other than Ellen!) changes their outfit halfway through the ceremony
-Take a drink every time a word is bleeped out
-Finish your drink if a bad word slips by the censors and makes it to air
-Take 3 drinks if anyone reappears onstage to thank someone they forgot in their initial speech

Movie rules:
-12 Years a Slave - take a drink any time someone makes a joke about Chiwetel Ejiofor and Lupita Nyong'o being difficult to pronounce
-American Hustle - take a drink any time the camera pans to Jennifer Lawrence for no reason
-Captain Phillips - whenever the phrase 'Captain Phillips' is said, the last person to say "I am the captain now" must take a drink
-Dallas Buyers Club - take one drink every time a joke about losing weight for a role is made
-Gravity - take two drinks any time you are "off structure" (not on the couch or wherever your viewing location may be) when the show comes back from commercial
-Her - if you own an iPhone, give Siri a task when the movie is announced.  If she misunderstands, take one drink.  If she doesn't, give your phone a kiss
-Nebraska - whoever was born closest to the state of Nebraska has "won the lottery" and has to say DING DING DING every time an Oscar is awarded throughout the night.  Anytime they fail, they must drink
-Philomena - whenever the film is referenced, it triggers 'Philomania.'  Get up and dance like an idiot, or else be penalized by taking a drink
-The Wolf of Wall Street - anytime you see Leonardo DiCaprio onscreen, work an f-bomb into your next sentence.  If you fail at that, defraud thousands of investors.  Or just take a drink, if that is impossible


That's it!  Make sure you put some water by your bedside before you start!  Have fun :)