<p>Beyonce, Obama Inauguration 2013</p>

In case you actually care about this...the rumors are true.  An inaugural official confirmed to CNN on Wednesday that Beyonce lip-synced the national anthem during Monday's Inauguration Day ceremony. "She did not sing live," the official, who asked to remain anonymous, told CNN, adding that the singer made the decision herself to go with a pre-recording the night before Monday's ceremony.

"Because she didn't have time to rehearse with the Marine Band, she decided to use her recording with the Marine Band," the official added. "It was all Beyonce."

Mid-performance, Beyonce pulled out her earpiece, which ostensibly was being used to time her lip movements to the music; how she was able to continue to perfectly time her singing could be a result of having performed the song so often.

Other performers Monday included Kelly Clarkson, James Taylor and the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir; there has been no indication that they did not perform their songs live.

On Tuesday, a spokesperson for the Marine Corps Band told the London Times its members performed live.

"We don't know why Beyonce decided to use prerecorded music," the spokesperson added. "All music [for inaugural ceremonies] is prerecorded as a matter of course, and that's something we've done for years and years. The Marine Band did perform live throughout the ceremony, but we received last-minute word that Beyonce wanted to use the recording."

Live or not, we all know Beyonce's got the pipes, and she's an amazing singer.