The morning brush could soon give you a hit of caffeine, and even painkillers according to a patent filed by Colgate

It could be an important time saver for those who want an extra five minutes in bed.

Colgate has revealed plans for a toothbrush with a built in caffeine patch to deliver the morning coffee as you brush.

A patent application reveals the firm is even considering flavour patches and even drug delivery using the system.

The patent application from the Colgate-Palmolive Company revealed technology that would allow chemicals to be embedded into the heads of standard toothbrushes and slowly released during use.

The firm showed off plans for everything from mint and apple flavoured patches to a caffeine patch to wake up the weary in the morning.

Each patch would last around three months, the application shows.

The firm could also expand the offering to include drugs such as aspirin, and the application even reveals a 'diet toothbrush' with a patch that releases an appetite suppressant.


In the patent application, toothbrushes would be delineated by differently shaped tongue cleaners, the drawing show - an apple shape means apple flavor, a snowflake means a cooling sensation while a mint leaf releases mint.

The patent describes the pictures as: 'An oral care implement comprising a handle and a head; a releasable sensory material that invokes a sensory response in an oral cavity during use.'

It also talk about an 'elastomeric element comprising a shape that is visually representative of the sensory response,' and a 'releasable sensory material comprises one of a flavoring, a sensate, or a medication.'

The patent also shows a tongue cleaning brush already found on many toothbrushes

It also raises the terrifying prospect of a chili pepper version.

'As one example, a chemical known as capsaicin, found naturally in chile peppers, can be used to provide a tingle, a hot or warm massage, or a heating or warm, soothing sensation to a user, ' it says.

'Capsaicin is also known to provide pain relief and numbing sensations when topically applied.'