James Cameron’s story telling… mesmerizing us yesterday 
with his own life story.

“I grew up on a steady diet of sci fi, reading on the hour-long bus ride each way to school.  I did not have any video games growing up.  I was not saturated ...

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Director James Cameron is finally heading back to the world of Pandora, to create the second, third and fourth Avatar films, with the plan being to shoot them concurrently, in the way Peter Jackson shot Lord of the Rings, according to Avatar star Sam Worthington.

Worthington was speaking to an Australian radio station when he revealed the plan for filming was to begin this time next year.

According to Variety, Cameron will be working with Josh Friedman, who scripted War of the Worlds, Rick Jaffa, writer of Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and Savages scribe Shane Salerno to write the screenplays for the three Avatar sequels.

The current plan is to release Avatar 2 in December of 2016, and then one new sequel every year through 2018.

According to Worthington and Cameron, the sequels will serve to deepen the world of Pandora, and explore more of the fictional planet's majestic vistas and incredible alien life.

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