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I've only been engaged about a week, but I'm already noticing lots of advice for couples planning a wedding.  I found this list of 9 things newly engaged couples should discuss before marriage, and I think Andrew & I are in pretty good shape.

1. Money- How will money be handled once you are married? Assets, paychecks, inherited sums. Most marriages end due to financial disputes. Harmony on this subject is crucial for long-term unity.

2. Kids- Do you want them? When? How many? What values, ideals, and education do you want them to have? Who will stay home with them? We want em’ isn’t enough.

3. Workload- Unpaid work at home…how will this be divided? Who will clean the toilets, take out the trash, or vacuum? Figure it out now before resentments rule your roost.

4. Family- What level of involvement of in-laws, siblings, and holidays/vacations with extended family? This is super important if wither is an only child.

5. Elderly Parents- What will your roles and responsibilities be for your parents and in-laws? Who will take care of them? What about financial responsibility?

6. Sexual Expectations- Many couples seek counseling if one or both partners do not feel satisfied in the bedroom after many years together. It's important to stay connected physically to keep intimacy alive.

7. Life Priorities- What matters most to you both? Do you want to really nest and settle down or instead go traveling together? Go back to school? Save for a beach house? Talk about your aspirations and objectives and make a realistic time line.

8. Deal-breakers- Coming home drunk at 1 a.m., working non-stop, over-the-top flirtation with other people, blowing cash in Vegas. What won't you put up with over time? Bad behavior that upsets either of you won’t make for a happy future together.

9. Support- It’s important to voice how you need to feel loved and supported and then you ask (and provide) what your spouse needs.

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